esteban grimm

Works on

canvas & panel

A practice in appreciating simplicity

Images with broad strokes that evoke calm and balance. The discerning viewer becomes drawn to the subtle composition of mark, color and tone.

  • Esteban Grimm Dream of Kyiv, 46 X 36, acrylic on canvas

    Dream of Kyiv

  • esteban grimm Skating 34X48 Acrylic on Canvas


  • esteban grimm Santa Fe is Burning 48X33, Acrylic on canvas


  • esteban grimm A Murmuring 48X56 acrylic on canvas

    A Murmuring

  • esteban grimm Black Flower I 36X28 Mixed media

    Black Flower

  • esteban grimm Truchas Window 60X46 Acrylic on canvas

    Truchas Window

  • esteban grimm Black Grass 48X46, Acrylic on canvas

    Black Grass

  • Esteban Grimm abstract art midsummer night's dream

    Midsummer Night’s Dream

  • esteban grimm after the storm

    After The Storm

  • esteban grimm contemplation


  • esteban grimm kachina calling

    Kachina Calling

  • esteban grimm window of opportunity

    Window of Opportunity

  • esteban grimm winter solitude

    Winter Solitude

  • esteban grimm la pluma blanca

    La Pluma Blanca

  • Hopi Land painting by Esteban Grimm

    Hopi Land

  • Sunset Over The Jemez abstract painting by Esteban Grimm

    Sunset Over The Jemez

  • The Matrix painting by Esteban Grimm

    The Matrix

  • Provincetown abstract painting by Esteban Grimm


  • grey rain by esteban grimm

    Grey Rain

  • esteban grimm bamboo with sky

    Bamboo With Sky

  • Serenity

  • manhattan painting by esteban grimm


  • Insight

  • esteban grimm journey home

    Journey Home

  • esteban grimm abstract expressions

    Dreaming of Another Place