The Matrix painting by Esteban Grimm

I have been an artist all my life; from early childhood my vision was to be a painter. Of all the different art forms that I pursued growing up, it was painting that I invariably returned to. It helped me to better understand the world around me, and perhaps provide an escape from the realities of my childhood. Although there were some detours along the way, I have recently returned to this early passion with great focus.

The images that reveal themselves in my work are a collection of memories, dreams and insights from my personal journey and as a psychotherapist of many years. My goal as an artist is to create a bridge of understanding between the conscious and the unconscious. Using my creative abilities as a painter with my many years of clinical work, I seek to bring more clarity to what can happen as one awakens.

esteban grimm mid century

Works on Canvas

Paintings on canvas that are ready to show in your home or favorite environment.


Works on Paper

Images that evoke calm and reverie.
Accent a space and focus attention.


Use artwork to define a space.

Mid Century

Begin with a strong image, then design the space around it.


A pair of paintings that complete a living space, providing a focal point that invites contemplation.